Why we created Optimised Health Solutions...


Dee & Matt Brereton-Patel created Optimised Health Solutions to make available a cutting edge range of products that we have hand picked and researched and which deliver outstanding health and performance efficacy.

Our unique perspective and passion for nutrition, wellbeing, and body composition mean we’re consistently at the forefront of human health and performance, and are constantly adding new, innovative products to our range.


How we choose our range of products


The products and tests we stock are those we use daily in our own highly successful private clinic and personal training gym, so we can personally ensure that each product is the very best at what it does.

Every single product has been individually and personally researched by us, and everything we offer carries our personal endorsement.

For more information on who we are and what we do, feel free to take a look at our private practice websites:

Optimised Personal Wellness