At Optimised Health Solutions we’re dedicated to delivering the very best in cutting edge health results to you, helping you to look, feel and perform better, fast. We work with top experts in the field, ensuring that our research, innovation and product development are world class.


Dee Brereton-PatelDee Brereton-Patel - Nutritionist

(BSc (Hons) Pharmacology, Dip Nut CNM, MBANT, MNNA)

Dee is an experienced Nutritional Therapist with a Pharmacology and Pharmaceutical Research and Development background.

Combining these skills with her passion for research, the very highest standards in supplementation, and achieving real health and sports performance results, means Dee is perfectly placed to keep Optimised Health Solutions at the cutting edge of the industry.

When she's not busy researching and writing, Dee loves spending time with fresh ingredients in the kitchen.

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Matt Brereton-PatelMatt Brereton-Patel – Sports Specialist & Personal Trainer

Matt runs a successful private personal training gym in Manchester city centre, with an emphasis on fat loss, body composition, strength, and performance.

While eating real, whole food always comes before supplementation, years of experience in achieving spectacular results (with plenty of experimentation with what works and what doesn't along the way), have taught that optimising biochemistry through supplementation can have a significant impact on body composition, health, and human performance. Matt's years of experience with his clients feeds directly into the cutting edge supplements found at Optimised Health Solutions.

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